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Head Protection Above and Beyond the Standard

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Did you know? In vertical sports, side impacts to the head are just as common as impacts to the top! This is why our BOREO and BOREA helmets have earned Petzl’s exclusive TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION label.

What Is The Label All About?

The official standard only requires that the top of the helmet protect against falling objects (rocks, ice …). Petzl has pushed beyond this standard by developing additional, specific test protocols. This is our TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION label: from a height of 50 cm, a 5kg mass is dropped onto the rear, front, and side of the helmet.


TOP AND SIDE PROTECTION: a sneak peak of the additional tests conducted


Versatile Helmets

Compact design. Full coverage. Plenty of ventilation. Petzl helmets provide everything you need to be comfortable and protected during a variety of vertical sports: rock climbing, mountaineering, caving, via ferrata, canyoning, etc.



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