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At Petzl, we're committed to providing a truly unique experience for our customers.
We've chosen our own path and we're bringing you along for the ride.

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Sharing Our Expertise With Our Communities

For over 50 years, Petzl has built complete, innovative, and groundbreaking solutions. To us, providing a high-quality product isn't enough. We also create easy-to-access, technical content to support your user experience.

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A different approach

A Unique Experience

Every day, we provide resources (online and in-store) to help you succeed — from gear guides (headlamp finder, harness finder), to e-learning modules, to product use training. Plus, opportunities to experience unforgettable moments when you attend events side by side with Petzl athletes.

Connection and exchange

Content That Makes an Impact

Tips & tricks, techniques, interviews, trip reports, and the latest achievements from our athletes — access it all on our website or social media and join our community to get regular updates.

Innovation and technology

Groundbreaking Products

We thrive on innovation, even if it means shaking things up. Our objective has always been to bring you the best possible solutions, like the GRIGRI belay device, REACTIVE LIGHTING technology, and much more.